path – europan 15

Europan 15, åpen internasjonal konkurranse 2019
ca. 4.000 daa
Europan 2019
Celine Kragfoss
Ola Spangen
Ana Muñoz
Elisabeth Krogh
Karen Sletvold
Nina Sandersen
Victor Castillo

Guovdageaidnu is today a physically fragmented village, with two sharp division lines running right through it – the E45 and the Guovdageaidnu river. The project proposal is therefore a PATH that seeks to tie the village together through a series of new strategies, activities and places.  Just like the stars have guided man for centuries, the new interventions can be linked in infinite ways, creating a constellation that is unique to Guovdageaidnu.

The proposed strategies, activities and places vary in scale and complexity – they can be linked differently, depending on wants and the means at disposal. The task of creating the constellation that best represents Guovdageaidnu should be given to the people of Guovdageaidnu. The proposal shall therefore be seen as a tool kit, a catalogue of ideas that can be further explored by the local inhabitants – a basis for a continued conversation – ságat allat.